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List of Counties in Indiana by Dates

What follows is a listing of Indiana's counties, their county seats, the date of their founding and the origin of the county's name.


KNOX--Vincennes--6/30/1790--named for Gen. Henry Knox, first Secretary of War (first county)


CLARK--Jeffersonville--2/3/1801--named for Gen. George Rogers Clark

DEARBORN--Lawrenceburg--3/7/1803--named for Gen. Henry Dearborn, Secretary of War

HARRISON--Corydon--12/1/1808--named for Gen. William Henry Harrison, 1st Territorial Governor of Indiana

JEFFERSON--Madison--11/23/1810--named for President Thomas Jefferson

WAYNE--Richmond--11/27/1810--named for Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne the hero of Fallen Timbers

FRANKLIN--Brookville--2/1/1811--named for Benjamin Franklin

WARRICK--Boonville--3/9/1813--named for Capt. Jacob Warrick who was killed at the Battle of Tippecanoe

GIBSON--Princeton--4/1/1813--named for Gen. John Gibson, official of Indiana Territory

WASHINGTON--Salem--12/21/1813--named for President George Washington

SWITZERLAND--Vevay--10/1/1814--named for the country of Switzerland

PERRY--Tell City--11/1/1814--named for Commodore Oliver H. Perry

POSEY--Mt. Vernon--11/1/1814--named for Thomas Posey, the last governor of the Indiana Territory.

JACKSON--Brownstown--1/1/1816--named for Gen. Andrew Jackson

ORANGE--Paoli--2/1/1816--named for Orange County, North Carolina

DAVIES--Washington--2/24/1816--named for Col. Joseph H. Daviess, killed in the Battle of Tippecanoe

PIKE--Petersburg--12/21/1816--named for Gen. Zebulon Pike, killed in the War of 1812

JENNINGS--Vernon--12/27/1816--named for Jonathan Jennings, Indiana's first governor

RIPLEY--Versailles--12/27/1816--named for Gen. E.W. Ripley of the War of 1812

SULLIVAN--Sullivan--12/30/1816--named for Daniel Sullivan who was killed by Indians

DUBOIS--Jasper--12/20/1817--named for Toussaint Dubois, who served under William Henry Harrison

LAWRENCE--Bedford--1/7/1818--named for Capt. James Lawrence, War of 1812

VANDERBURGH--Evansville--1/7/1818--named for Henry Vanderburgh, a territorial judge

RANDOLPH--Winchester--1/10/1818--named for Thomas Randolph, killed at the Battle of Tippecanoe

SPENCER--Rockport--1/10/1818--named for Capt. Spier Spencer, killed at the Battle of Tippecanoe

MONROE--Bloomington--1/14/1818--named for President James Monroe

VIGO--Terre Haute--1/21/1818--named for Col. Francis Vigo, an outstanding pioneer

CRAWFORD--English--1/29/1818--named for Col. William Crawford, burned at the stake in 1782

OWEN--Spencer--12/21/1818--named for Col. Abraham Owen, killed in the Battle of Tippecanoe

FAYETTE--Connersville--12/28/1818--named for Gen. Lafayette

FLOYD--New Albany--1/2/1819--named for Col. John Floyd of Kentucky


SCOTT--Scottsburg--1/12/1820--named for Gen. Charles Scott who fought in the Indian Wars

MARTIN--Shoals--1/17/1820--named for Maj. John T. Martin of Kentucky

WABASH--1/20/1820 (reorganized 1/30/1833)--named for the Wabash River

GREENE--Bloomfield--1/5/1821--named for Gen. Nathaniel Greene, a participant in the American Revolution

UNION--Liberty--1/5/1821--named for the union of states

BARTHOLOMEW--Columbus--1/8/1821--named for Gen. Joseph Bartholomew, wounded at the Battle of Tippecanoe

PARKE--Rockville--1/9/1821--named for Benjamin Parke, first Territorial delegate to Congress

DECATUR--Greensburg--12/31/1821--named for Commodore Stephen Decatur

HENRY--New Castle--12/31/1821--named for Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia

MARION--Indianapolis--12/31/1821--named for Gen. Francis Marion of the American Revolution

PUTNAM--Greencastle--12/31/1821--named for Gen. Israel Putnam who served in the American Revolution

RUSH--Rushville--12/31/1821--named for Dr. Benjamin Rush

SHELBY--Shelbyville--12/31/1821--named for Isaac Shelby who served in the American Revolution

MONTGOMERY--Crawfordsville--12/21/1822--named for Gen. Richard Montgomery, killed at Quebec

JOHNSON--Franklin--12/31/1822--named for Judge John Johnson, one of Indiana's 1st Supreme Court Judges

MADISON--Anderson--1/4/1823--named for President James Madison

HAMILTON--Noblesville--1/8/1823--named for Alexander Hamilton

ALLEN--Ft. Wayne--12/17/1823--named for Col. John Allen, killed at River Raisin

HENDRICKS--Danville--12/20/1823--named for Indiana Governor, William Hendricks

VERMILLION--Newport--1/2/1824--named for the Vermillion River

CLAY--Brazil--2/12/1825--named for Senator Henry Clay

FOUNTAIN--Covington--12/30/1825--named for Major Fountain of Kentucky, killed at Ft. Wayne in 1790

TIPPECANOE--Lafayette--1/20/1826--named for the Tippecanoe River and battleground

WARREN--Williamsport--1/19/1827--named for Gen. Joseph Warren who was killed at Bunker Hill

DELAWARE--Muncie--1/26/1827--named for Delaware Indian tribe (an earlier Delaware County was formed 1/20/1820)

HANCOCK--Greenfield--1/26/1827--named for John Hancock, first signer of the Declaration of Independence

CARROLL--Delphi--1/7/1828--named for Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence

CASS--Logansport--12/18/1828--named for Gen. Lewis Cass, Governor of Michigan


BOONE--Lebanon--1/29/1830--named for Daniel Boone

CLINTON--Frankfort--1/29/1830--named for DeWitt Clinton, Governor of New York

ELKHART--Goshen--1/29/1830--named for the Elkhart River

ST.JOSEPH--South Bend--1/29/1830--named for Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary

GRANT--Marion--2/10/1831--named for Samuel and Moses Grant, killed by Indians in 1789

MORGAN--Martinsville--12/31/1831--named for Gen. Daniel Morgan of the American Revolution

LAPORTE--LaPorte--1/9/1832--named after a French term meaning "the door"

HUNTINGTON--Huntington--2/2/1832--named for Samuel Huntington, signer of the Declaration of Independence

LAGRANGE--LaGrange--2/2/1832--named for Gen. Lafayette's home near Paris

MIAMI--Peru--1/30/1833--named for Miami Indians

WHITE--Monticello--2/1/1834--named for Col. Isaac White who was killed in the Battle of Tippecanoe

ADAMS--Decatur--2/7/1835--named for President John Quincy Adams

DEKALB--Auburn--2/7/1835--named for German nobleman, Baron DeKalb

FULTON--Rochester--2/7/1835--named for Robert Fulton

JASPER--Rensselaer--2/7/1835--named for Sgt. Jasper, killed at Savannah

JAY--Portland--2/7/1835--name for John Jay, Governor of New York

KOSCIUSKO--Warsaw--2/7/1835--named for Gen. Kosciusko, hero of the American Revolution

MARSHALL--Plymouth--2/7/1835--named for Chief Justice John Marshall

NEWTON--Kentland--2/7/1835--(reorganized in 1859)--named for Sgt. John Newton of the American Revolution

NOBLE--Albion--2/7/1835--named for Noah Noble a governor of Indiana

PULASKI--Winamac--2/7/1835--named for Count Casimer Pulaski, killed in the American Revolution

PORTER--Valparaiso--2/7/1835--named for Commodore David Porter who served in the War of 1812

STARKE--Knox--2/7/1835--named for Gen. John Starke, victorious general at the Battle of Bennington

STEUBEN--Angola--2/7/1835--named for Baron Von Steuben who served in the American Revolution

WELLS--Bluffton--2/7/1835--named for Capt. William Wells who was killed during the Ft. Dearborn massacre

WHITLEY--Columbia City--2/7/1835--named for Col. William Whitley who was killed at the Battle of the Thames

LAKE--Crown Point--1/28/1836--named for Lake Michigan

BROWN--Nashville--2/4/1836--named for Gen. Jacob Brown of War of 1812

BLACKFORD--Hartford City--2/15/1838--named for Judge Isaac Blackford


BENTON--Fowler--2/18/1840--named for Thomas H. Benton, U.S. Senator

OHIO--Rising Sun--1/4/1844--named for the Ohio River (the smallest county)

HOWARD--Kokomo--1/15/1844--named for Tilghman A. Howard, Indiana statesman (originally Richardville County, named for Miami Chief, Richardville)

TIPTON--Tipton--1/15/1844--named for Gen. John Tipton a U.S. Senator



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